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9 Bra Fitting Secrets You May Not Know

9 secrets about bras from an expert bra fitter

They may not come with a microchip, but today’s best bras are the result of smart technology and intelligent design....And they will improve your life.

Bras by Amoena “understand” a woman’s body. That’s because Amoena applies the same expertise to its bras as it does to its breast forms. We love their gorgeous bras for the way they are designed with advanced knowledge of body mechanics, breast drape, support needs, and skin sensitivities. Now, that’s smart!

Did you know

About 80% of women wear bras that don’t fit properly. Spending 12 to 18 hours in the wrong bra can make your entire body ache. And your tops and dresses won’t fit as well.

A loose bra is not really comfortable: You may be surprised to learn that a firmly fitted bra is more comfortable than a loose one because it supports and distributes breast weight evenly. As well, a loose bra can rub and irritate breast skin.

Hooks matter: Your new bra should fit firmly on the middle hook. A bra’s under band will stretch over time, and when it does you can move to the third hook to keep the bra snug.

Bra sizes aren’t set in stone: Our bodies constantly change and so too do our breasts. The most common bra size is 14C, yet that’s not the right size for most women! Also, every brand sizes differently.

Nothing lasts forever: Amoena bras are made of the best fabrics, but even they wear out eventually. You can help extend the life of your bra by washing it often as oil from the skin can break down fabrics. Hand wash, or use a lingerie bag and machine wash on delicate cycle. Air-dry only.

One love cannot be all things: We all have a bra we love, but we can’t expect only one bra to serve us, every day. It’s important to alternate bras as fabrics need time in between usage to “rest” and regain their properties.

We have different sides to us: No one has a perfect pair. Having one breast that is somewhat different than the other is normal. If after breast surgery, or just naturally, imbalance alters your alignment, or makes you feel unsure of yourself when wearing certain fashions, Amoena Breast Shapers are an excellent solution. With a wide range to fit every need, these feel lifelike, are comfortable and invisible under clothes.

Shelf bras can give you a break: Amoena has a range of tops with built-in shelf bras so you can go bra-free and still be supported.

Expert fitters are matchmakers of the most important kind: We know every woman is unique. And we know our collections inside out. We look for the right fit between you and a bra’s cup shape, fabric, strap and band design, tailoring details, even personality. Let us find your perfect match.

All Amoena bras and tops are pocketed to securely and discreetly hold breast forms and breast shapers if you wear them.

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