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McGrath Foundation lingerie Maroochydore Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie

  Pictured: Shane my husband, myself and my son Brandon.

 Our baby Stephanie


About Tracey Grills..

While Volunteering for the McGrath foundation Tracey came across so many women who have been affected by breast cancer in someway.  Whether it be themselves, mothers, sisters, daughters or friends, many of us seem to know someone who has had their lives affected in some way by breast cancer.


With encouragement and support from Breast care nurses Tracey was encouraged to offer a mobile service to help women. Offering them fittings for not only Lingerie but breast forms as well, in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Unlike most stores Tracey G carries all styles of breast forms and have the widest variety from Amoena, Trulife, Silima and ABC in QLD.


This year has seen the service we offer grow, and with our wonderful reputation for professional and compassionate advice,  our service is now being utilised  by surgeons in SE QLD seeing all of their patients.


Tracey's great grandmother had undergone a Mastectomy however it was never spoken of. The first she had ever known was seeing her dressing one day and noticing her missing a breast. Today there is help and support every step of the way along this journey.


Tracey hopes to make your fitting experience a little easier by ensuring discreet and compassionate service.  Available evenings and weekends to suit your lifestyle, as we understand there are always commitments or you just don't feel like going to go to a busy shopping centre.


We look forward to helping you regain the look you want in addition to providing you with many beautiful lingerie and loungewear choices.

The fitting process takes about 1 hour but there is no rush... all fittings will be done at your own pace. If you prefer, you are always welcome to my home and be fitted there over a cuppa and a chat.

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