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Creative arts therapies South Brisbane Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie
Reclaim your curves support Sunshine Coast Tracey G Prosthetic and Lingerie
Mastectomy support services Sunshine Coast Tracey G Prosthetic and Lingerie
Women support sessions East Brisbane Tracey G Prosthetic and Lingerie
McGrath breast care nurse support Sunshine Coast Tracey G Prosthetic and Lingerie

Reclaim Your Curves

Reclaim your curves is a registered charity run by a crew of volunteers , created to assist women to plan their life after breast cancer, specifically women seeking breast reconstruction.

Practical advice and medical information in these pages is sourced from women who have undergone reconstruction  and health professionals who have cared for them.


Beautiful You

“Beautiful You” is a program that focuses on helping women & their families living with cancer. Their aim is to provide practical, financial or emotional support. They to help families lead a normal life & try to make a matter how small.

Healing Art Therapies


Healing Art Therapies. It is of great importance to me that we make our clients feel comfortable and the atmosphere is one of supportiveness and a confidential environment. Qualified in: Remedial massage, Pregnancy, Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Structural Alignment, Oriental Massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage

McGrath Foundation

Supporting the McGrath Breast Care Nurses on the Sunshine Coast we support the foundation with regular events large or small.

Should you wish to be part of our fundraising committee please feel free to contact me for information

Sandra Buchanan Creative Arts Therapies

There is lots of evidence indicating the use and appreciation of creative arts practices from the very first records of humans and through the ages. Even as far back as 40,000 BC creativity in arts was part of community life, spirituality, healing and expression. People make images and objects to express themselves and make sense of their experiences.

Mastectomy support services Brisbane Tracey G Prosthetic and Lingerie

Additional Support

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