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Amoena Balance partial shapers (sometimes called bra inserts, breast forms or breast prosthesis) create a flawless silhouette, whether you've always been naturally uneven, or have had a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery and need a little help filling the cup of your bra.


Even the smallest differences in breast shape can be a challenge - but there's a simple solution. Amoena has created the Balance Natura Thin Delta, an especially thin silicone breast shaper that covers the whole breast comfortably, to fill in wherever it's needed.


Comfort+ temperature equalizing material in the back helps provide comfort all day so the breast form doesn't feel hot against your skin. See what a Balance Thin Delta breast shaper can do for your body image.

Amoena Balance Partial Shaper External Breast Prosthesis TD

SKU: 217
  • Key benefits

    • Balance Natura Thin Delta 217 - a triangle shaped thin silicone breast shaper
    • Symmetrical triangle with a rounded footprint and curved back for a perfect fit
    • Features patented Comfort+ temperature-equalizing layer for cool comfort all day
    • Covers the whole breast, and is only 1 cm thick in the center, across all sizes
    • Thin, tapered edges for a smooth transition to the chest wall
    • Small channels in the back provide an anatomical curve as well as more fitting flexibility; fixed points in the Comfort+ layer ensure consistent thickness
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