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TheAmoena Balance Essential Ellipse External Breast Prosthesis our newest shape in a portfolio of comfortable bra inserts; it can be positioned anywhere and is particularly suited for the lower part of the bra cup.


The Amoena Balance shaper helps even you out if you're naturally asymmetric or have had breast surgeries like lumpectomy or reconstruction, and can be tucked into an Amoena pocketed bra, or worn directly against the skin if you prefer.


The Amoena Balance Essential partial is designed to meet the essential needs after breast surgery in a comfortable, soft silicone. It's a simple solution that will give you the flawless silhouette you want.

Amoena Balance Essential Special Ellipse External Breast Prosthesis SE232.

SKU: 232
  • Key benefits

    • Amoena Balance Essential SE 232, a rounded half-circle form that can be placed anywhere on the breast and is especially suited for the lower part of the cup
    • Standard silicone layer with super soft film
    • Finely tapered edges make the Balance Essential Ellipse invisible in your bra cup
    • Elliptical shaped partial breast form in soft silicone is perfect for use following lumpectomy or reconstruction
    • Soft partial breast form hugs the body securely, fitting to the unique shape of the chest wall
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