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Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie - The One Stop Destination For Your Post Operative Needs

If you're looking for garments to wear after cosmetic or corrective surgery look no further - Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie is Your One Stop Destination For Your Post Operative Garment Needs.

Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie stock a vast range of compression garments including bras, arm sleeves, vests, full body suits and facial garments which will help ensure the best possible healing outcomes after surgery.

Tracey G Prosthetics and Lingerie works with prominent surgeons in SE QLD in providing the widest range of garment choices for all types of surgery.

The sensitive post-surgery period is when you shouldn't have to compromise on comfort and convenience. Our recovery range is a selection of products specifically designed to nurture and protect delicate skin, while helping you to return to active life with confidence. Our exceptionally soft Priform breast form is designed to be worn immediately after surgery and fits any of our post mastectomy bras and camisoles.

The road to recovery following your breast surgery is just as important as the preparation for it beforehand. The CuraSupport Compression bras protect sensitive scar tissue after any kind of breast surgery including mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, breast augmentation or reduction. Gentle fabrics and flat seams reduce skin irritation discomfort on scars.

For more information give us call on 0466 828144 or drop into one of our convenient locations in East Brisbane or Maroochydore.

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