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The Amoena Pocketed Nightfall Top

The Amoena pocketed Nightfall Top - which is available for a limited time features an integrated shelf bra with modal pockets....Just like the Amoena Valletta range. This beautiful camisole top is a new addition of the Amoena Wellness collection, alongside the popular Valletta.

Now integrated with innovative Amoena Wave Seam technology, you'll feel even more confident and secure with the curved seam on the underbust band, preventing your breast form from falling otuwards or moving sideways. Nightfall is the perfect camisole for women who are extra sensitive to traditional bras, with a cooling effect for hot summer days in the bilateral pockets.

Sizes UK: S, M, L, XL EU: S, M, L, XL


91% Polyamide 8%Lycra


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