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Scar Therapy By Amoena

Scar Therapy by Amoena is a Combination therapy with silicone and compression aids for optimal scar treatment. Post-surgery compression bras and clothing applied together with silicone patches nurture and protect while you heal.

Scar therapy with compression garments and silicone patches can reduce the visibility of the scar and improve texture of the scar tissue.

It has proven to be a successful therapeutic approach for scar healing. During your recovery, comfortable Cura Support Compression bras, CuraScar Compression garments and CuraScar Silicone Patches are the best choice for your scar treatment after any kind of breast surgery including mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, breast augmentation or reduction.

Following your individual needs you can choose from a range of silicone strips and patches and compression clothing including pants for your own scar treatment. You can start immediately after the wound has closed.


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