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Megami Mastectomy Lingerie Now Available From Tracey G

MEGAMI Mastectomy Lingerie Now Available From Tracey G. MEGAMI is a fashion brand that unapologetically believes in equality for all Women.

Our mission is to empower and enhance confidence in Women by offering quality and fashionable collections, building an inspiring brand image through all of our outreach activities.

The MEGAMI brand name was not arbitrarily chosen. It means WOMAN GODDESS in Japanese.

It's not only a beautiful image for a brand started by true gentlemen, who have been raised to respect

and value women. With a little play on words in English: MEGAMI is MEGA – ME, or 'super me," which is

how we want all Women to feel – powerful and confident.

Wearing our collections, she truly can say,

"I am MEGAMI now, I feel and look amazing! As well I should

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