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Interested in Winning a $500 Shopping Spree From Amoena!

Interested in winning a $500 shopping spree from Amoena??? Want to know how??? Simply drop in to one of our conveniently located boutiques in East Brisbane of Maroochydore, try on an award winning Amoena Adapt Air breast form before May 31st and tell us what you think....thats it...No really...thats it!!

And why should you consider trying one on -

1. It’s the only breast form that is adjustable so that it fits your body as if it were made just for you and feels like a part of you.

2. It contours beautifully, especially if your chest wall is uneven. That’s premium comfort!

3. You can change it's size to match your natural breast, which may fluctuate because of hormones, cancer treatments, or lymphoedema.

4. It’s ideal if you are in-between breast form sizes.

5. It’s lightweight. It’s up to 40% lighter than standard silicone breast forms.

6. And of course you could win a $500 Amoena *textile shopping spree!

Say no more!! To see the award winning range of Amoena Adapt Air breast forms go to to find your nearest Tracey G Location.

*excludes breast forms

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