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A breast shaper to balance out your swimsuit? YES PLEASE!

A breast shaper to balance out your swimsuit......YES PLEASE!

Did you know our bestselling swim form, the Amoena Aqua Wave, now also comes as a Balance Shaper too! If you don't need a full breast form, but just a little help to filling in the cups of your swimwear, this shaper is for you.

Just like the Aqua Wave breast form, this shaper is made from water-resistant silicone that dries quickly, with raised ‘waves’ on the reverse to let air and water flow through. It's nicely concave to prevent suction, so you can look great and feel confident and cool.

You can wear some breast shapers in the water, but they can absorb odours from the pool and ocean. Plus, you can just leave the Aqua Wave in the pocket of your swimsuit for extra convenience!

Here’s to supporting confidence, in and out of water.


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