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Wide Cotton Lining Headband

Made from 100% cotton material for ultimate comfort and moisture-wicking, this headband wrap is ideal for people with or without hair.

For anyone suffering from hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other types of medical hair loss conditions, this headband is great for hair control.  This cotton headband is great as a lining headband/hat liner underneath a hat with a shallow crown for better coverage of your head, reduce slippage and get the volume for a fuller look at the same time. 

The Wide Cotton Lining Headband can be used as a scarf gripper. You can wear the Wide Cotton Lining Headband under a scarf to stop slippery scarves from moving on your head. 

On a bad hair day, simply put it on and go with confidence with this magic headband.

Cool in summer and warm in winter! Stretchy and soft to touch!  This headband wrap is ideal for indoors or outdoors in all four seasons.  It is ideal for you to keep your hair out of the way while working in the garden, walking around the town, or cooking in the kitchen.

Product Key Points:

  • Great for hair loss control
  • Great for people experiencing hair loss 
  • Stretchy and comfortable!!!
  • Double layered with hidden seams
  • Can be used as a lining headband under hats.
  • Add volume and provide grip
  • Ideal as casual wear or great for winter outdoor activities

Wide Cotton Headband

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