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  • The Marena FlexFit™ Ultra medium coverage post surgical compression bra is designed for full adjustability and comfort following all breast surgury including breast augmentation, reduction, and other aesthetic breast procedures.

Marena Flexfit Medium Coverage Post Surgical Compression Bra

  • Our FlexFit™M Medium-Coverage bra features front-close,detachable straps for clinical viewing and easy donning followingbreast augmentation procedures. Engineered with ourFlexFit™ cups and adjustable straps and closures, this bra accommodates fluctuations in size due to swelling. Features slide-adjustable shoulder straps and a microfiber 3-row hook-and-eyefront closure allow for full adjustability. Additional features includeoutward facing seams that prevent suture disturbance and a semi-longline length that extends beyond the inframammary fold, witha soft, elastic bottom band. Our proprietary TriFlex™ fabric hassuperior stretch to prevent binding, provides moisture wickingand cooling, and active silver antimicrobial protection.

    Machine washable.

    FlexFit™M cups

    Detachable, slide-adjustable shoulder straps

    Microfiber 3- row hook-&-eye front closure

    Outward facing seams

    Semi-longline length to avoid the inframammary fold

    Soft, elastic bottom band​​

    Important: Please measure yourself and use the sizing chart image to select the correct size. 

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