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If you lose your hair due to chemotherapy treatments or other medical conditions such as alopecia, you will find your head size may shrink. There are times that a headcover is not enough to bring a natural look back. The Rosette Ruched Turban – Hannah might be the headcover you just need. It is a stylish volumizer. It can add the extra body to your head and give you a confident fuller look.  

The Rosette Ruched Turban – Hannah is double layered around the crown. The interior layer and exterior layer are made of different lengths. The length of the interior crown is just right to cover the nape of your neck. The exterior layer has extra fabric, so when you wear it, you can adjust or manipulate the exterior layer to create rumples / creases until you achieve the right look you need.

As this turban hat is made of the most desired chemo fabric – bamboo, the volume of the hat doesn’t compromise the comfort of the hat. The Rosette Ruched Turban – Hannah is soft and stretchy. 

The Rosette Ruched Turban – Hannah also features an extraordinary rosette flower. The rosette is ruffled with 7 layers, and it is full of intricate details. 

We love the style and craftsmanship of this headcover. We trust you will love it too.

Rosette Ruched Bamboo Turban Pale Blue

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