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When to use the Lipoelastic TF leggings compression garment?

  • Recommended to use in the initial post-operative stage after liposuction of the lower part of the tummy, buttocks, pelvic area, hips, thighs, and thigh lift surgery
  • Suitable also for all vaser lipo procedures in areas mentioned above

Colour version

  • Natural
  • Black

Product description

  • Female compression post-operative garment is suitable after liposuction of the buttocks, hips or thighs
  • Suitable also for vaser lipo
  • The compression garment comes up to the waist with a wide elastic band to prevent it from rolling down
  • The legs extend to just above the knees and are finished with a soft lace hem, so the garment never rolls or squeezes your skin
  • The garment comes in a ‘pull-up’ design with no fastening, which makes it a popular option for wearing under your clothes, where it is practically invisible  
  • This garment doesn’t have crotch hygienic opening and so it’s suitable and comfortable to wear after liposuction of the inner thighs


  • The garment has a ‘pull-up’ design with no closure

Lipoelastic TF Leggings Compression Garment

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