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When to use the Lipoelastic TBfLg leggings post surgical compression garment?

  • Suitable for use in the first postoperative phase after liposuction of the lower abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, and calves
  • This compression garment is recommended for patients suffering from lipoedema and lymphatic problems of the lower limbs

Colour variant

  • Black
  • Natural

Product description

  • Compression postoperative garment, specially designed for use during postoperative post-liposuction care and for patients suffering from lipoedema and lymphatic problems of the lower limbs
  • TBfLg leggings are suitable after liposuction of the buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, or calves
  • TBfLg leggings have guaranteed graduated/ascending compression along the entire length of the product
  • Compression underwear reaches the waist and is finished with a wide elastic band so that it does not roll or slide
  • The leggings cover the instep, thus ensuring optimal compression in this area as well. They are finished with a clean-cut technology for maximum patient comfort
  • The garment is offered in two lengths:
    • LOW (shortened): recommended for a height of 155-165 cm
    • HIGH (increased): recommended for a height of 165-175 cm


  • The garment is without fastening

Lipoelastic TBFLG Leggings Post Surgical Compression Garment

  • The "+" sizes have been specially designed based on the feedback from our customers. Women suffering from lipoedema or swelling of the legs often have a larger calf circumference than is standardized in the size charts. For this reason, we have also added a "+" size to the menu, which has an increased size in the calf area, thus ensuring the maximum possible comfort for women with these complications.

    Always consult your doctor or other professional to choose the right size.

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