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When should I use the Lipoelastic PI unique post surgical compression  bra?

  • Ideal for use during the second stage of post-operative care after breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction or mastopexy)
  • Ideal addition to your wardrobe for sporting activities following the surgery
  • Ideal for day-to-day wear and following the full recovery
  • Does not resemble a post-surgical garment

Colour version

  • White
  • Black

Product description

  • Post-operative compression bra recommended for the second stage of post-operative care
  • This bra offers a modern cut décolleté for maximizing your cleavage
  • PI unique is a bestseller under the LIPOELASTIC bra range

Design of cups

  • The cups are shaped with fine stitching along the area of seams
  • They do not disturb the area of scar tissue and are made not to irritate breasts after surgery


  • This bra features a front zipper underlain with hooks for easier handling and dressing
  • Avant-garde design; fastening of straps known as ‘butterfly’
  • Shoulder straps with five rows of hook and eyes allowing for maximum adjustment of compression as needed

Can the bra be combined with a breast band?

  • Since the PI unique bra is recommended for the second stage of post-operative care, there is no need to use a post-operative stabilizer band with this garment

Lipoelastic PI Unique Comfort Post Surgical Compression Bra

$89.95 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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