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When should I use the Lipoelastic PI perfect post surgical compression bra?

  • Suitable for use in the first stage of post-operative care after breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, mammaplasty, breast reconstruction or mastopexy)

Colour variants

  • Natural
  • Black

Product description

  • A new addition to the bras under the LIPOELASTIC range
  • Seamless compression post-operative bra designed for all types of breast surgery
  • The PI perfect bra has the same cut as the PI ideal
  • The bra has trendy pink hooks
  • The bra is finished with a special hemming technology that prevents the bra from moving upwards and ensures the patient's comfort
  • Higher cleavage covers the entire bust, in case of augmentation (breast enlargement using breast implants) it stabilizes the position of the implants and helps them to adhere to the breast tissue


  • Thermally shaped seamless cups for perfect breast comfort


  • Three positions of trendy pink hook-and-eyes closure
  • The bra offers the possibility of adjusting the compression as needed through the option of three fastening positions
  • Four strap hooks for compression adjustment as required

Can a bra be combined with a breast band?

  • The PI perfect bra can be purchased with any breast band from our range
  • It is vital to consult the purchase and use of the breast strap with the surgeon

Lipoelastic PI Perfect Post Surgical Compression Bra

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