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When should I use Lipoelastic PI ideal post surgical compression bra?

  • Ideal for use during the first phase of post-operative care after breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction or mastopexy)

Colour version

  • Natural
  • Black

Product description

  • New among bras of LIPOELASTIC brand
  • Seamless post-operative compression bra designed for all types of breast surgeries
  • It offers a very similar cut to the PI special, which is one of the bestselling bras offered by LIPOELASTIC
  • The bra features a wide elastic band under the bust and prevents the bra from chafing or rolling up in any way. The band is designed to be so soft that it appears to be a continuation of the bra itself and thus does not interfere with scar tissue
  • A higher décolletage covers the entire chest; after augmentation (breast enlargement using implants) it stabilizes the position of the implants and helps them clinging to the breast tissue, exactly as the surgeon demands

Design of cups

  • Heat-moulded seamless cups for the perfect comfort of your breasts


  • Opening at the front in the form of hooks and eyes
  • This bra has two variable fastenings to allow you to adjust the compression as required
  • Shoulder straps with four rows of hook and eyes allows adjustment as it’s needed by the patient

Can the bra be combined with a breast band?

  • Yes, it can. LIPOELASTIC offers a variety of breast stabilizer bands that can be combined with the PI ideal bra
  • It is vital to consult the purchase and use of the breast strap with the surgeon

Lipoelastic PI Ideal Post Surgery Compression Bra

  • Material

    • The only bra from LIPOELASTIC made of uniquely RIB material
    • The material feels extremely pleasant against the skin and is smooth to the touch
    • Material composition: 63 % POLYAMIDE, 37 % ELASTANE

    Care instructions

    • Avoid applying creams, ointments, and liquids to the skin before using the bra. Application of products to the skin may cause damage to the structure of the material upon contact. The damaged material structure can cause skin discoloration


    We pay attention to detail and each stage of production meets all the required standards. It's important to us, to carefully select the components and materials we use, meaning we have a personal connection to each garment we produce. The materials we use for LIPOELASTIC® Post-Surgical Compression Garments come exclusively from the European Union and each piece is manually inspected for output.

    LIPOELASTIC® products are medical devices awarded with the OEKO-TEX® STANDART 100 certificate, 02.0.8039 Hohenstein HTTI, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex, etc.).

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