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When to use Lipoelastic KPress abdominal compression garment?

  • Suitable to use in the first and the second postoperative recovery phase as your surgeon suggests
  • Suitable after tummy tuck and abdomen liposuction

TIP: Abdomen belts can be worn on their own, but it’s recommended to combine with compression garment and KPad for better comfort and to maximize the result.

LIPOELASTIC® recommends: Wear the abdomen belt with KPad which prevents garments as well as the skin from wrinkling


Product description

  • KPress abdomen belt is our newest addition to LIPOELASTIC® range suitable after tummy tuck and abdominal liposuction
  • Abdominal belt provides maximum possible compression for the abdomen
  • Fastening consists of two strips that securely cover each other and won’t open by themselves
  • On the outside of Velcro is a protective piece of fabric, so the Velcro won’t catch on your clothes
  • The belt is reinforced with 3 flexible ligaments that ensure the correct shape and prevent belt from deformation while the body is moving



New type of closure is easier for wearing under clothes, it has resistant fabric on the outside of velcro so it won’t catch on other fabrics



  • The material has been awarded Oeko-Tex certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex, etc.)
  • Material composition: 40 % POLYAMIDE, 29 % ELASTODIENE, 28 % POLYESTER, 3 % COTTON

Lipoelastic KPress Abdominal Compression Garment 24cm

SKU: KP 24
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