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If you are losing hair due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions such as alopecia, or you have thinning hair, and you would like to make your head look much fuller. The Bamboo Ruched Turban – Rachel is a perfect choice.

The Bamboo Ruched Turban – Rachel features extra fabric on the front with two sides of the hat pleated. This special design allows the wearer to adjust the ruched front of the hat for randomly wavy folds and create casual looking rumples, thus achieves a fuller look for your head.

The Bamboo Ruched Turban – Rachel is constructed of two layers, and all harsh seams have been concealed and hidden away.   The silky bamboo fabric is so stretchy. Whether your head size is petite or large, it will accommodate your head with comfort.   The super moist-wicking fabric will allow you to cover your head in luxury and comfort regardless of how hot or humid the weather is. 

Bamboo Turban -Pink 3 Buttons

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