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The Anita Fashion External Breast Prosthesis 1152X features patented microfibre technology which ensures a pleasant skin milieu with the breathable microfibre and also achieves an optimum balance between environmental and body-related conditions.

Anita Fashion External Breast Prosthesis 1152X

SKU: 1152x
    • Patented Flex-Gap
    • This unique design with the integrated fold at the back ensures that 
    • the breast form moves naturally with the wearer.
    • Relief of back strain
    • The Anita Fashion 1152X is up to 35% lighter than conventional full 
    • breast forms.
    • Can be used on both sides
    • Unique: Silicone breast form with decorative fabric backing made of soft microfibre
    • The skin is kept pleasantly dry and sweating is prevented. The breast form is also incredibly comfortable thanks to the patented microfibre backing complete with floral print
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