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The Anita Care Equitex Multifunctional Lightweight Prosthesis is the ideal breast form for women undergoing reconstructive surgery. 

The Anita 1057X Equitex breast form features a smooth silicone shell with a breathable microfiber back pocket. Fill the pocket with the included medical grade fleece to fine tune the size of the breast form. This prosthesis is a great investment if you are in the process of reconstruction because you can adjust the form to fit your changing breast size. This style is also recommended to smooth uneven tissue. With the fleece removed, the Equitex makes a great partial form. This style has a subtle preformed nipple. 

The Anita 1057X Equitex Multifunctional Lightweight Prosthesis is comfortable, natural and versatile.

Anita Equitex Lightweight Partial External Breast Prosthesis 1057X

SKU: 1057x
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