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Free Breast Cancer Aftercare And Wellness Seminars

The Sunshine Coast Breast Cancer Thrivership Program are running a series of Free Breast Cancer Aftercare And Wellness Seminars.

Having breast cancer can result in great upheaval in your life. We are hoping to turn that upheaval into a force for change and that change is for a better you.

The Thrivership Program has been designed by a dedicated team of health professionals who know there is more to be done for our breast cancer patients. We have doctors, physios, psychologists, nurses, therapists, charities and support services, all on board to provide the help you need to make some positive steps in your health journey.

We have developed a five step program of interactive lectures and Q&A to help understand how breast cancer can impact your life and how you can minimise that impact. Topics covered will include surgery and post operative recovery, lymphoedema prevention and management, the importance of nutrition and exercise, psychological aspects of breast cancer and looking after your sexual health.

The program will be run three times a year and you can pick up the lectures at any stage through the year, as many times as you want!

The lectures will take place on Saturday morning between 9am and 11am at a variety of locations around the Sunshine Coast.

To register your interest go to to

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