The Trulife Silk Connect External Breast Prosthesis has silicone adhesive is very soft and comfortable to wear.


It is mild on the skin which allows the form to be worn attached to the body. The soft cotton backing cover may be left on for use as a as a non-adhesive breast form in a pocketed bra.


This versatile triangle fits a variety of body types and surgery sites. Works well in both underwire and soft cup bras.


  • Can be worn attached to chest wall or unattached with protective backing in place
  • Durable medical grade silicone adhesive
  • Non-adhesive centre for easy removal and fuller projection
  • The stepped-in adhesive edge allows for simple and hygienic cleaning, without special cleaners
  • Integrated mesh fabric layer for improved durability


Trulife Silk Connect External Breast Prosthesis 476