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Made from strong and robust neoprene, the OrthoMat Neo provides unique curved support of the abdomen primarily during pregnancy. The OrthoMat Neo can also be worn back to front in the earlier stages of pregnancy to provide more lumbosacral support when support underneath the belly is not yet needed. This unique abdominal support can also be used for both male and female patients suffering from abdominal hernias pre and post-surgery who require a brace for a rounder shaped abdomen.


·       Pregnancy related back pain and/or abdominal pain

·       Abdominal hernias

·       Postoperative care

·       Abdo/lumbar sprains and strains


Product highlights

·       Available in 9 different sizes

·       Shaped front panel for a contoured fit

·       Constructed with high performance neoprene

·       Firm abdominal compression

Orthobrace OrthoMat Neo Maternity Brace OBMTN1

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