The OrthoDualPull Pro is constructed from a high performance 3D knit fabric which provides multidirectional elasticity for the perfect anatomical fit. With a firm front section for increased abdominal compression and double pull elastic compression straps, the OrthoDualPull Pro provides high level lumbosacral support along with supreme comfort. The removable double pull straps allow the support to be converted from a high level lumbosacral support to a lower level abdominal/lumbar belt if required.


·       Acute and chronic lower back pain

·       Lower back sprains and strains

·       Osteoporosis

·       Postoperative care

Product highlights

·       Available in 9 different sizes

·       Constructed with high performance 3D knit fabric

·       Unisex design

·       Removable dual pull straps

Orthobrace Dual Pull Pro OBDPP1