After breast saving surgery, radiation, or reconstruction, or for women with naturally uneven breasts, creating an even silhouette in your clothes can sometimes be a challenge. 


Amoena Balance Contact External Breast Prosthesisfeatures a skin-friendly adhesive on the back that allows this bra insert (sometimes called a symmetry shaper) to adhere directly to your body.


It will move when you move, and you'll forget you're wearing it. The Balance Contact SV 286 is a partial shaper with two layers: a very soft silicone layer in regular weighted silicone and Comfort+ on the back side, which absorbs, stores and then releases heat from your body during temperature changes, keeping you comfortable.


A super-soft film and finely tapered edges make the Balance Contact breast shaper invisible in your bra cup.


Amoena Balance Contact External Breast Prosthesis SV286.

  • Features

    • Balance Contact SV 286 - special Varia shape; a self-adhesive partial shaper
    • Attachable; adheres securely to the body, giving you a new sense of freedom and self-confidence
    • Comfort+ layer including a lightweight silicone on the back side
    • Extra soft silicone, covered with a thin film, as soft as your own skin
    • Includes a soft carry-case for discreet storage, with a range of sample skin care products and instructions for use